Rates and Rights Information

In addition to the cartoon samples showcased on this website, I have an archive of other single panel gag cartoons and similar material which are available for use. Cartoon reprints and custom illustrations are available for newsletters, advertising, web sites, corporations, Powerpoint presentations and other media.

The cartoons shown here are available for rights purchase and are copyrighted material. They may not be used in any way without prior written permission. Unauthorized use of this material is in violation of United States and International copyright laws.

I charge very reasonable rates for the use of these cartoons, images and illustrations. Those rates are based on a number of variables:

  • Exclusive Rights: This means you purchase rights to the cartoon forever and may use it as many times as you desire. It will become yours. Obviously, rates for an exclusive rights agreement are significantly more than single or limited use rights.
  • First Use Rights: This means you will be given the exclusive opportunity to run the cartoon before it is offered to anyone else. Rates for first use are typically more than re-use or re-print rights.
  • Limited Use Rights: Limited use rights are available for a specific number of prints in a given publication, presentation or other visual medium.
  • Single Use Rights: This is a specific license to run the cartoon or image a single time in a single publication, presentation or other visual medium.
  • Other variables: Other factors include the intracacy and detail of the work, whether color or black & white, and circulation or audience size. This is particularly applicable to custom work. I will also illustrate gag writers' work on a case by case basis, but am not looking for permanent collaboration.
If you would like to use any of these images or request a custom illustration or cartoon, please contact me about your needs. You will find that rates are extremely affordable and reasonable based on the current market for professional cartoonists and illustrators.